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JV Girls Basketball Comes Away With Two More Wins

By Jason Warren, 12/04/23, 7:02PM CST


JV Game 5 - Aldine Davis

Our JV Lady Spartans rebounded after the defeat to Cy Falls. The first quarter started out quickly with Jordan Lundy scoring off a put-back after grabbing an offensive rebound. The quarter continued with Riley O’Connor stealing a pass in the paint and going coast to coast with the layup. Overall, the Lady JV Spartans had six steals in the first quarter, which helped build a lead of 12 to 2.

The second quarter began with some great passing. Sophia French provided the assist to Camille Warren for a jump shot. The favor was returned on the following possession with Camille finding Sophia at the block for a layup. Similar to the first quarter, the JV Lady Spartans had seven steals that preserved the lead. Going into the break, the score was 21 to 11.

The second half mirrored the first half. Our JV Lady Spartans were more determined than our opponent and outworked them in the hustle stats. They finished with a total of 35 rebounds, 12 assists, 25 steals, and three blocks. The victory ended with a score of 47 to 34.

Some of the impressive hustle stats of interest were the following:

  • Rylah Barnes had 10 rebounds, 6 pts, and a steal.
  • Riley O’Connor led the scoring with 19 pts and added 11 steals and 2 assists
  • Camille Warren had 8 pts, 6 steals, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists.
  • Layla Lloyd scored 4 pts, 2 assists, and a steal.
  • Jordan Lundy had 2 pts with 7 rebounds, and a block.
  • Emerson Berg had 2 pts, 3 rebounds, and a steal.
  • Katherine Cronin had 2 pts, 3 rebounds, and a block.


JV Game 6 - Spring DeKaney

Our JV Lady Spartans followed up the victory over Aldine Davis with another win against Spring DeKaney. Riley O’Connor’s shooting expertise was on full display in the first half when she hit four 3-pointers. Our defense was just as formidable as the offense was potent. Caroline White led the charge with four steals. Sophia French grabbed six rebounds with a nice put-back on an offensive board after boxing out her defender. All of this solidified a strong lead of 27 to 12 going into the second half.

The second half continued with some great passing. There were numerous sideline to sideline passing sequences involving multiple Spartans that left the opponent guessing where the ball was going. Camille Warren distributed the ball around for five assists. Emerson Berg’s continued hustle was rewarded with four points and three rebounds. Rylah Barnes continued her hard work with six rebounds in the second half. Our JV Lady Spartans finished the game with a 50 to 26 win.

Some of the impressive stats of interest were the following.

  • Riley O’Connor led the scoring with 30 pts and added 8 steals and a block.
  • Rylah Barnes had 9 rebounds, 4 pts, and 2 steals.
  • Camille Warren had 4 pts, 4 steals, 5 rebounds, and 8 assists.
  • Sophia French had 4 pts, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists.
  • Emerson Berg had 4 pts and 4 rebounds.
  • Caroline White had 6 steals and 2 assists.
  • Jordan Lundy had 2 pts with 5 rebounds and a block.
  • Kendall Parker had 2 pts and a block.