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JV White Football Gets Satisfying Win Over Memorial

By Erika Conroy, 10/30/23, 3:58PM CDT


In the much anticipated Stratford JV White vs. Memorial, District rivals clashed on the turf this past Thursday. This time, while Memorial had home field advantage, they were no match for Stratford's athleticism and grit.

The Spartans team kicked off the game with possession of the ball, and their offense wasted no time in showcasing their passing ability. #14 Jack Sullivan made an excellent reception, gaining significant yardage and securing a first down. However, the Mustangs soon took over at their own 25-yard line, allowing the Stratford defense to display their strength on the field. It didn't take long for #71 Cade Gronseth to record a sack, holding off the Mustangs until the end of the first quarter. The score stood at zero all.

The second quarter witnessed an intense exchange on both sides of the scrimmage line. Running back #28 Dylan Faulkner made substantial gains in yardage and QB #9 Gavin Guzman executed repeated keeper plays, attempting to reach the first down. Guzman then sent an electrifying pass to #81 Joseph Berry for a potential touchdown that fell incomplete, keeping fans cheering for more.

Following this exchange, the MHS team regained possession at their 30-yard line, only to be met with the force of defensive player #90 Mourice Elias and a sack that set Memorial back 4 yards. The Spartans rebounded with a pass completed by Sullivan, securing another first down and setting up for Faulkner's spirited touchdown run, resulting in a score of Stratford 6, Mustangs 0.

The game took yet another exciting turn with an interception by #35 Levi Lease and an impressive QB throw attempting to connect in the end zone that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The first half concluded with impressive Spartan defense pressure, including a powerful tackle by #47 Coren Lewis.

The Mustangs began the second half behind by 6. Both teams forced turnovers in this fast-paced game, but the Stratford defense proved too much for the Mustangs. With tackles by #91 Colton Muehr and Mourice Elias, MHS was forced to punt.

After recovering the ball at the 10-yard line, a long touchdown run by Sullivan was unfortunately called back. However, this didn't slow their momentum. Soon, Guzman delivered a rocket of a pass to the end zone, resulting in a touchdown by #16 Jaelaun Rosser. This was followed up by Faulkner running the ball for an extra 2 points, bringing the score to 14-0.

Memorial started the fourth quarter at their 45-yard line, but swift tackling by #27 Aiden Wheeler and a fumble recovery by #51 Matthew Bednar at the Memorial 47-yard line set the stage for defeat. The offensive line held the Mustangs at bay, allowing for BerrySullivan and Guzman to keep the Mustang defense busy while the clock ran down, securing a 14-0 victory.

It isn't always about winning, but Thursday's game against Memorial was a celebration shared by all at Stratford. This game was a shining display of skill and determination. Our boys' emerged triumphant against their rivals, leaving their fans, team mates, and coaches filled with pride.

A big thank you to Kresta Franklin for organizing the JV team dinner at Nottingham Forest Club last week. It was a huge team-building success!