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2023-24 Season Swim & Water Polo Summer Camp, Tryout Info

By Casandra Brisbin, 04/29/23, 12:15PM CDT


Swim & Water Polo Camp This Summer

There is an SBISD Swim & Water Polo Summer Camp hosted by SBISD coaches this summer on June 26th-29th and July 17th-20th from 9-11 am at the SBISD Natatorium. See the following flyers for more info and to sign up. Please pass this information to anyone you think may be interested.


Required Paperwork

Athletes will not be able to try out/swim/play water polo until they have completed RankOne online and turned in their UIL Physical paperwork to the Physical Training staff at Stratford! Parents, be sure to sign everywhere, and make sure your athlete remembers to sign the physical as well!


Water Polo Tryouts

Water Polo tryouts will take place July 31st-August 5th, 2023 from 6:30-8:00 am at the SBISD Natatorium. There will be no buses. All athletes will be responsible for finding transportation. These practices are mandatory for ALL athletes trying out for the Water Polo Team. Water Polo became a UIL sport last season, and it is fun! It is highly encouraged that all swim team hopefuls also try out for the Water Polo Team. Currently, almost all members of the Swim Team are also on the Water Polo Team.

Water Polo Season Schedule

The Water Polo Team competes consistently from August 8th-ish until October 28th-29th.

Swimming Tryouts

If your athlete will only be trying out for swimming (and not water polo), practices will take place August 8th-11th from 6:30-8:00 am at the SBISD Natatorium. Swimming tryouts will take place August 14th-15th from 6:30-8:00 am. Tryouts are mandatory for all. All new athletes are required to be enrolled in swimming for 1st and 2nd period (double-blocked) and must find their own transportation to and from the nat for practice and tryouts. Starting August 16th, there will be a bus taking athletes to Stratford at 8:00 am after practice, but travel to the nat remains the athlete's responsibility.

Monday, August 14th Tryout:

  • New athletes will be asked to complete 8 x 100's on 1:30.
  • Returning athletes will be asked to complete 6 x 100's on 1:25.


Tuesday, August 15th Tryout:

  • Timed 100's of each of the four strokes. The cut line typically occurs in a "natural break" or gap between ability levels, so there is no exact number for the team. In recent years, the team has had about 50 swimmers.
  • **If a returning swimmer qualified individually for the 2023 Region Championship, they are excused from the timed 100's portion of the tryout.
  • New athletes are REQUIRED to make all of the 8 x 100's on 1:30.
  • Returning athletes are required to make all of the 6 x 100's on 1:25 to be considered. Also, athletes who did not compete in the 2023 Varsity District Meet will need to successfully complete all tryout requirements.



Cuts will be made based objectively on speed and subjectively on perceived potential, stroke technique, and the athlete's ability to take instruction. The team will keep 20-28 girls and 20-28 boys based on tryouts and observations during practices. There is no exact number for the team. In recent years, the team has had about 50 swimmers total.

Swim Season Schedule

The Swim Team competes consistently from October through the 6A State Meet in February, including dual meets, invitationals, and travel trip(s) for those that qualify.

Practice During School Year

At the beginning of the school year, the team will start practice at 6:30 am and end at 8:00 am. As the season goes on, coaches move water polo and swim practice earlier, until it begins at 6:10 am. Be sure your athlete is early to practice: 10 minutes before the announced start time.

Practice During Breaks/Scheduling Vacations

If an athlete misses more than 3 workouts combined during the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks, coaches may remove them from relays, the District lineup, or the program entirely.

  • Thanksgiving Break: We will work out on Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st from 7:30-9:30 am. DO NOT schedule your trips until after Tuesday morning!
  • Winter Break: We will have practice December 20th-22nd, December 28th-29th, and January 1st-5th. The UIL imposes a required 5-day moratorium. Moratorium dates will likely be December 23rd-27th, 2023. We will have those days OFF of practice. Schedule all vacations/family trips during this window!


Double-Blocking vs. Single-Blocking

All athletes who make the team will be double-blocking with very few exceptions. Returning athletes with 3 or more sectional cuts may single block ONLY WITH COACH BRISBIN'S APPROVAL. There will be no other single-blocking opportunities unless an athlete is involved in another school-sponsored activity or class that requires a spot on the athlete's schedule. This option is NOT available until the second semester of 9th grade. All freshmen will double-block their first semester. The athlete's counselor needs to place the athlete in the 1st and 2nd period swim course!


Athletes are responsible for their own ride to the natatorium. A bus will transport the team to Stratford after practice ends. Upperclassmen will  need to fill out the appropriate waivers if they intend to drive from the natatorium to Stratford. Sophomores will not be allowed to drive except in rare, extenuating circumstances with coach approval. There is a 20-30 minute period between the bus arriving at Stratford and the next period of the day in which the team commonly works on homework in the Snack Bar.