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Swimming Update Week of October 4th

By Joci Moss, 10/04/21, 9:15AM CDT


Stratford Swim’s Season-Opener Relay Meet

The Stratford swimmers kicked off their season Saturday, October 2nd, at a fun, all-relay meet hosted by Cinco Ranch High School against Cinco Ranch, Memorial, and Tompkins. Most of the relays swam were not official events: 8x25 freestyle relays, 3x100 IM relays, 2x200 freestyle relay alternating 50’s with two swimmers, 500’s split between 5 swimmers in a crescendo, backstroke relays, breaststroke relays, and freestyle relays with fins!

Stratford finished 3rd overall. Top 3 finishes included:

200 Yard Medley Classy Relay (classic event, but with one swimmer from each grade level)

  • 1st place with a Meet Record for the girls with Artemisa De Jager (12th, back), Lindsay Wong (10th, breast), and Elle Burke (9th, fly), and Megan Zuanich (11th, free). The girls’ B team finished 3rd with Emma Jackson (10th, back), Avery Garcia (9th, breast), Ashley Cooper (11th, fly), and Ariana Zhuri (12th, free)
  • 3rd place for the boys with Parker Kooyman (11th), Austin Chao (10th), Lucas Groves (12th), and Nathan Moss (9th)

200 Yard Breaststroke Relay

  • 2nd place for the girls with Burke, Garcia, Grace Stern (12th), and Caroline Smith (11th)
  • 3rd place for the boys with Elliot Easton (10th), Ricky Conticello (9th), Chao, and Gavin Beach (12th)

4x100 Yard Freestyle Fins Relay

2nd place for the girls with Em. Jackson, Allison Ortiz (11th), Zhuri, and Burke

2x200 Yard Freestyle Alternating 50’s Relay

2nd place for the girls with De Jager and Wong

3x100 Yard Butterfly Relay

3rd place for the girls with Gwendolyn Beach (11th), Jordan Kennedy (12th), and Ortiz

3x100 Yard Medley Relay (each swimmer swims 100 IM)

3rd place for the boys with Callum Glover (12th), N. Moss, and Ga. Beach

8x25 Yard Freestyle Relay (each swimmer swims 25 freestyle)

3rd place for the boys with Marin Pavlin (9th), Andres Montero (12th), Andy Zhuri (10th), and Eric Jackson, Josh Rebollar (10th), Tyler Barber (12th), C. Glover, and Ga. Beach