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Sophomore Boys Basketball Summaries

By Spartan Fan, 12/03/19, 12:15PM CST


The Sophomore Boys played some exciting games during the past two weeks. 

On Tuesday, November 19th, they faced Dulles High School at home, winning 54-44. It was another exciting 4th Quarter game as Dulles lead all the way through the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, the Spartans took the lead scoring 24 points and holding Dulles to only 9 points. The final score was 54-44. Leading scorers for the game were Hudson Putnik with 15 points and Caden Wang with 14 points. Douglas Schwertner contributed 8 points and Perry Pope had 6 points, including three made free throws in the 4th quarter. Caden Francis scored a 3 pointer in the 4th quarter, while Mikel Aguado, Blake Alexander, Brennan Houston, and Josiah Robinson all scored 2 points during the game. 

On Thursday, November 21st, the Sophomore Boys kicked off the Spring Branch tournament. Four games were played, and the Spartans ultimately took home 2nd place behind Travis High School on Saturday. The first game was played against Cypress Falls High School, and the Spartans won 67-61 in an exciting double overtime victory. After another slow start, the Spartans ended the first half with a 16 point deficit, but they came alive in the second half closing the gap and taking the game into overtime. Perry Pope lead the fantastic team effort, scoring 11 points during the two OTs. Perry was the overall leading scorer for the game with 17 points. Douglas Schwertner scored 15 points and Mikel Aguado had 11. Additional contributors were Caden Francis and Hudson Putnik each with 5 and Alexis Rushing with 3 points. 

 In the second tournament game, Sophomores played Mayde Creek and won 56-45. Caden Francis lead the scoring with 15 points. Hudson Putnik contributed 8 points. Douglas Schwertner, Evan Oxspring, and Perry Pope each had 5 points. Kolby Benson contributed with 4 points and Mahmoud Badi, Jack Weatherly, Caden Wang and Brennen Houston all helped with 3 points each. Josiah Robinson put up for 2 points. 

Northbrook High School was the third opponent of the tournament, and the Spartans won 41-15. Caden Francis was the leading scorer once again with 15 points.  

For the tournament championship game, the Spartans played against Travis High School and unfortunately lost by 7, final score Stratford 55 and Travis 62. Leading scorers for this hard fought game were Hudson Putnik with 19 points , Douglas Schwertner with 13 points, and Caden Francis with 10 points. Perry Pope had 6, while Mikel Aguado, Evan Oxspring and Caden Wang all contributed with 2 points each. 

On Monday, November 25th, the Spartans traveled to Cypress Ranch high school where they had a neck and neck game all the way to the finish, but lost by 4 points in the final moments with a score of 54-58. Douglas Schwertner lead the scoring for the Spartans with 14 points. Hudson Putnik followed with 10 points. Caden Francis and Caden Wang each shot for 9 points and Brennan Houston contributed 7. Evan Oxspring helped out with a 3 pointer in the first quarter and Alexis Rushing was 2 for 2 on free throws.  

The final game of the holiday was on Tuesday, November 26th against Cypress Park High School. This was yet another exciting game with Mikel Aguado sinking a game winning 3 pointer in the final seconds of the game. With that the Sophomore Spartans came out on top with a score of 50 – 47. Caden Francis had another outstanding game adding 17 points to the scoreboard. Douglas Schwertner followed with 15 points. Mikel Aguado and Caden Wang each scored 5 points. Hudson Putnik, Alexis Rushing and Evan Oxspring contributed with 4, 3 and 1 respectively.  

Way to go, Spartans!